Dakota Fanning Looks Like A Victorian Fairy For The August Issue Of 'Marie Claire'

Dakota Fanning landed the cover of Marie Claire's August issue, which comes out Tuesday (or today, if you're a subscriber like us). She's posing next to the cover line, "I'm not a little girl anymore." No, she is not! The 16-year-old looks so grown up for this shoot, yet remarkably age-appropriate because there isn't an exorbitant amount of excessive skin. We're obsessed with the styling, which makes her look like a gorgeous little Victorian fairy. The tailored blazer and the peek of lace tights under her denim shorts is to die for, and we spot an enormous bow on her chest. YES, BOWS! Bows are about as amazing to us as glitter. And that's just the cover.

+ Check out 5 pictures of her inside the magazine below!!!

TEASE THAT HAIR, GIRL: In the spread itself, her hair is teased into a halo of wispy fluff, validating big hair as stylish for frizzy girls everywhere. It looks like cotton candy in this picture. And, is that a bow we see? Why, yes it is.

GOLDILOCKS WITH A LEAF HEADBAND: How gorgeous and mystical-looking are those silver knotted necklaces and leafy headband? Can someone please get her a magic wand? Also, more shorts with tights. We love.

CALLING PRINCE CHARMING: Dakota's button-up boots make her look like she's about to climb into a horse-drawn carriage. Perhaps to cast more spells? And the mini-top hat with a lace veil paired with the velvet buster dress is so princess-y and perfect with the loose braid.