'The Hills': Stephanie Pratt's Two-Finger Faith Ring Is The New Lauren Name Ring

There was a point in The Hills history, about two years ago, when Lauren Conrad sent young ladies screaming to their jewelers to score the same two-finger name ring that she wore on the show (click here to see it). Not Stephanie Pratt! On last night's episode of The Hills we spotted a different two-finger ring on her knuckles, and it spelled faith. For accuracy's sake, it actually was in all caps, so let's call it her FAITH ring. (Cue George Michael.)

The ring is by jewelry designer Erica Anenberg, and it's sold online at her personal store for $98. And we also spotted it for $68 on ShopKitson.com. However, if you have little faith, but lots of LOVE, HOPE, and PEACE, the designer makes two-finger rings with those words on them, too.

+ Remember LC's name ring? Click here to see it!!