Beauty: The Evolution Of Jared Leto's Mohawk

From left: March 5 in Paris, May 22 in Wales, and July 5 in Paris.

Francois Durand; Samir Hussein/Getty

Jared Leto loves his mohawk. As he should! The 30 Seconds to Mars frontman has worked hard on that thing — it's been a work-in-progress for a few months now. The last time we saw him with a full head of hair was January, then WOAH, cue the electric razor, his mohawk was born weeks later. In March, we spotted him with a shaved look at the Lanvin women's fashion show in Paris. It's sort of Rihanna/Cassie-esque with the side-swept bangs, right? The mohawk then grew out a bit, and in May it was nice and bushy and healthy and ... bleached and magenta (yes magenta — that is NOT pink). The color definitely made him look less pale and angsty, so we're calling it an upgrade. And on Monday, his hair evolved yet again, when he showed up to the Christian Dior couture show in Paris with a totally blond 'do. We imagine this light color would be the ideal hue to really bring out his eyes — those lovely baby blues — if he only took off those shades.

+ Which of Jared's hairstyles do you like best — bleach, pink, or black?

UPDATE: It's not magenta, it's pomegranate. And there is a Facebook fan page for it, obviously.