First Look At The Fashion In Ke$ha's 'Take It Off' Video: White Fur, Striped Short-Shorts, And Minimal Makeup

Ke$ha shot the video for the next single off her Animal album — "Take It Off" — this weekend in Los Angeles, and pictures just surfaced from the Paul Hunter and Dori Oskowitz-directed shoot (!!!). The challenge for this video will be to illustrate the "Take It Off" lyrics, a sampling of which includes:

"There’s a place downtown / Where the freaks all come around / It’s a hole in the wall / It’s a dirty free for all" AND "If you’re looking for a show / Where they go hardcore / And there’s glitter on the floor / And they turn me on / When they Take It Off."

So far from these pictures, we don't see her taking much off. Instead, she's outfitted in a mix of clothes, such as a white fur jacket (how animal of her), striped sparkly short-shorts while on a motorcycle (that can't be comfortable), and white platforms. Her makeup is also remarkably minimal. But not for long! There is also a scene of her writhing around in the dirt wearing face paint and glitter (see below). YES. Seriously, as much as we love her clear skin, something would be missing if Ke$ha didn't look like she used giant crayons to color all over her face and then topped it off with sparkles. And we even spot glitter on the floor, just like she said it would be in the lyrics. Way to deliver! We can't wait to see the rest of the video when it drops later this summer.

Is this the "dirty free for all"? It must be!
Photos: Picture Group