Beauty: Lady Gaga Brings Back Her Banana Yellow Highlighter Hair To Kick Off North American Tour

Performing in Atlantic City on July 4; At the Mets Game on June 10.
Photo: Donald Kravitz/Getty; Nick Laham/Getty

Lady Gaga, ever the fashion chameleon, has changed her look once again! She's back to banana-yellow hair — a color she wore during most of her European tour — as we can see from her performance on Sunday in Atlantic City, one of her first North American tour dates. However, just two weeks ago she had a totally different length and color. She spent most of June with a short, bleached look, like when she attended a New York Mets baseball game on June 10. Unless Gaga has some magical shampoo, hair can't possibly grow from short and bleached to a long yellow bob in two weeks. Clearly, the yellow hair is fake, fake, fake. And we must have been fools to think she'd ever dip her locks into a bucket of highlighter hair dye for real.

+ Do you like Gaga's hair yellow or bleached?