Found: Katy Perry's Shoes On Her Topless British 'Esquire' Cover; Plus, Exclusive Video About Calfornia Girl Style And Blue Hair

Photo: Courtesy of Esquire; LuisaViaRoma

For us, the best part about Katy Perry on British Esquire's August cover is not her toplessness. SHOCKER. It's the shoes! That's because in this style section, we're more concerned with what you wear to cover up than what you look like naked. Even you, Katy. Thankfully, the relentless shoe wranglers at just identified these as the Charlotte Olympia ankle boots, which sell for $1,438.10. (Currently, they're 30 percent off, so they only cost $1,006.70. Bargain? Yeah, right.) If we were using Katy Perry-speak, we'd like to say these shoes totally melt our lollipop.

Speaking of lollipops …

Katy Perry's cheery, happy, and overly optimistic California Gurls single is still the number one song in America for the fourth week in a row. To celebrate, we recently caught up with the 25-year-old pop star to talk about what California girl style really means beyond lollipops, candy, and gummi bears, and to get the real scoop on her blue hair ("I've been a black-haired girl since I was 15, so it was time," she told us).

As for the girls she's singing about: "When I sing about California girls, I'm not singing about the fake t---, girls that are climbing every step of the ladder, and using people to get to some kind of fame game," she told us. "I'm hoping to speak more about those girls that aren't just L.A. girls, but they're up and down the coast. They're not necessarily the girl next door, because to me that's a little boring. They're the girl next door who climbs out the window." In these Charlotte Olympia shoes? We sure hope so.

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Katy on California girl style:

Katy on her blue hair:

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