Streetwear: Claw Money's 'Power Leopard' Collection For Vans Came Out Today

Vans, the makers of our favorite Cali-style surfer kicks, teamed up with legendary graffiti artist Claw Money to launch a limited-edition collection of shoes and clothing, which drops TODAY in stores. Hi-tops are $70, casual low kicks are $55, the tank is $26, and the socks are $8 per pair. So we had a little chat with Claw today about the collection, which features her signature tag — a brightly-colored, three-taloned paw — all over the items. "I wanted this to be NYC meets So-Cal with an urban jungle safari type of aesthetic," the native New Yorker told us. "Sun-bleached power leopard, perfect for riding the subway or hitting the beach."

Ooooooh, power leopard! It sounds like a color we'd like to own more of. If we ever had the chance to make up a color out of thin air like Claw did, we'd probably put the word power in front of it, too. Power black. Power green. Power polka dots. Power periwinkle ... we're stopping before we get carried away.

Photos: Courtesy of Vans