Which Katy Perry Hairstyle Do You Like Best: Straight, Curly, Or Bangs?

Photo: George Pimentel/WireImage

Katy Perry's hair team must be working overtime! This week, the pop star totally ditched her colorful wigs (blue at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards and purple in the California Gurls video) in favor of elaborate new 'dos for her brunette locks. She looked absolutely divine when she pulled it back in a sleek, straight ponytail for an appearance on a Canadian talk show a few days ago. But at the MuchMusic Awards two days later, she rocked curly tresses. (Oooh, wavy ... how beach-y and California-ish!) And when she performed for a MuchMusic special this week, she had pin-up-style bangs. By our calculations, that means it's quite possible she spent more time with her personal hairstylist than on stage this week. But, hey, if we could afford to get our hair done every day then we would, too.

+ So which do you like the best? Straight, curly, or bangs? Tell us in the comments!