Video: The Game Sees No End To Saggy Pants

When The Game stopped by recently, we learned that he harbors some intense feelings about tight pants. That's why he said no one should threaten the right to wear his pants saggy, baggy, and low. Not even lawmakers who have proposed ordinances in New Jersey, Louisiana, and Florida to fine men wearing saggy pants. "The law is not going to work," he said. "What — are the police going to start missing murders and hopping out writing tickets for sagging and there's a lady getting robbed around the corner at gunpoint?" Oh. Hell. No.

Watch the video to see the whole pants rant, and find out what he really thinks about guys who wear tight black pants. And the Game's fashion advice doesn't stop there! He also showed off his man bag and revealed his favorite white tee. Click "Read More" under the video clip to hear more of Game's fashion opinions.

His favorite murse man bag is a modified backpack named Jetpack by Louis Stewart. (Stewart launched his own brand last year after working for four years as an accessories designer for Louis Vuitton. T.I., Drake, Lil' Wayne, Rick Ross also own pieces from the collection.) Watch Game talk about his favorite new man bag below.

Game also explained that he was on a tireless search search for a great white tee. "Foot Locker shirts are one wear and then you have to clean the car with them," he said. "Hanes shirts ... they shrink up, they go from a large man to a onesie in one wash." But his Goldilocks moment passed and he found one that he loves. Find out what tee it is in this clip:

+ Do you agree or disagree with Game's saggy pants thoughts? Like his man bag? Have you found the perfect tee?