Ed Westwick Says He ‘Certainly’ Wears Little Speedos In The Summer

Photo: Getty Images

We caught up with Ed Westwick a few weeks ago at Express's 30th anniversary event in New York, where we quizzed him about summer stuff. (Whoa, time flies!) And now that, as of Monday, it's *officially* summer, we finally think it's time to divulge what he had to say about men's swimwear.

What do you think of tiny spandex swimsuits on men?

Ed: "A lot of time the short ones are cool. If you have the bod for it, you know. I think it all has to do with how you wear it, and that's for anything that has to do with clothes."

What kind of swimsuit do you wear?

"I don't specifically like the surfer ones."

Do you wear little banana hammocks, like Speedos?

"Oh, always. Certainly."

Oooh, a man with confidence! Work those itty-bitty bottoms, Ed. Blind us with your thighs! We'll probably love it.