Check Out The Clothes Madonna's Daughter Lourdes 'Lola' Leon Designed For Macy's

Photo: Lola's Macy's Blog

Lourdes "Lola" Leon is basically who we wished we were at 13. (But wait! She's almost 14.) To start, she's designing a clothing line for Macy's named Material Girl with her mother ........ MADONNA. Then, to promote the line, she officially became a blogger and started a blog about her style. A blog? A blog! She is after our heart. (By the way, she hates brown and loves eighties shorts.)

Lola's line drops at Macy's on August 3, and WWD showed us a sneak peek of the clothes and the line's super-low prices. We're talking Target, H&M, Forever 21-affordability here, people! Tube tops are $5, and almost everything else between $12 and $40. The most expensive items include a studded leather jacket and a dress with a built-in bustier, both of which are under $80.

Check out a few of the clothes below. That jacket. That dress. That crop top. We'll take 'em all. Ummmm, actually, we'd like one more thing, too. Can we have a Freaky Friday moment and trade places with Miss Lola?! Please and thank you.

+ Would you wear any of Lola and Madonna's clothes?

Photo: WWD

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