When Outerwear Attacks: This Is The Jacket That Caused Whitney To Yell At Roxy On 'The City'

Photo: Getty/MTV

This black jacket from Whitney Port's Whitney Eve line has crazy powers, like the power to tear BFFs apart if not worn by Canadian singers, as we can tell from last night's episode of The City.

Here's what happened: LIGHTS (that's the singer's name, all caps!) was performing in New York. Roxy was supposed to dress the Canadian performer in a Whitney Eve jacket, even though Whit's line isn't grungy or punk like LIGHTS's style. Instead, LIGHTS got on stage and threw it on the ground less than five seconds into her performance. Whitney then got pissed at Roxy because LIGHTS didn't wear the jacket, stomped out, and RAISED HER VOICE at Roxy the following day, prompting Roxy to say that she's moving out.

Let's regroup for a hot second. So much drama over a single jacket! While Whitney and Roxy both played victim here — they were both upset and pouty over what happened — there is also another victim from this situation. The jacket. It just sat on the stage crumpled and wrinkled after LIGHTS tossed it off her person so aggressively. And if it could have feelings, it would feel rejected, sad, depressed, and lonely. Poor thing. Persevere little jacket! Pick yourself up and try again. You shall warm the arms of someone righteous soon.