Justin Bobby Has Better Sunglasses Than Audrina, So At Least He Has That Going For Him


Audrina dissed Justin Bobby HARD last night on the latest installment of The Hills (watch it here!). You could just feel his pain at the end of the episode when they are both sitting on the bench in Costa Rica waiting to go home to Cali. He's all "I'm gonna grab your ass and come on to you even though you just broke up with your boyfriend and you're clearly not ready for me to mess with your head again." And she's all "I don't want to get with you so don't even try it you stupid fool." Poor JB! But you know what? He hid it well. He hid his hurt behind those shiny spaceman sunglasses of his. Audrina also had shades on, but she just had aviator Ray Bans. How overplayed. Everyone has those! Let's imagine they had a tinted lenses face-off instead of a dramatic should-we-hookup-again-moment. He would win that. His are better.