Let's Talk About … The City's Samantha Swetra's Covetable White Mules And Massively Oversize Clutch

Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty

When we buy anything that's white, we automatically know that there is potential for destruction via dirt, grime, and improper washing techniques. But sometimes an item is just worth the trouble. Like the bright white Camilla Skovgaard stiletto mules ($255 at FarFetch.com) The City's Samantha Swetra wore to the Music Unites and Rolling Stone concert series at the Cooper Square Penthouse in New York last night. If these were in our closet instead of Samantha's, we would definitely take extra good care of them not to let them turn gross.

And the shoes aren't the only accessory we're paying attention to with this look. Did you see her bag? How could you not?! That thing looks like it's the size of her leg.

+ Which do you like better — the shoes or the bag?