Let's Talk About ... Ashley Greene's Sophisticated Style

Photo: Carlos Alvarez/Getty; Fotonoticias/WireImage

While Kristen Stewart rocks edgy looks on the red carpet, her Twilight co-star Ashley Greene has veered toward more mature, classic outfits that cover her up. At the Madrid premiere for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the 23-year-old Jacksonville, Florida native looked polished and put-together in a black lace dress from Donna Karan's resort 2011 collection. And for a photo call earlier that day she wore a belted beige skirt and sheer blouse by Michael Kors. With the slicked-back hair, white belt, and bow around the neck, she looks a little bit like a bank teller, no? At least she proves that you can still live it up in Young Hollywood and not succumb to dressing tacky. Bring on the fabric, Ash!

+ Do you like Ashley's sophisticated style? Or should she loosen up her look?