Who Rocks Colorful Hair Best — M.I.A.'s Rainbow, Nicki Minaj's Orange, Or Katy Perry's Blue?

M.I.A. performing at Creators Project; Nicki at BET Awards; Katy at 2010 Movie Awards.
Photo: Roger Kisby/Getty; Picture Group

It's turning out to be quite the colorful summer for hair! Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. both rocked bright colors over the weekend, and the looks were both saturated and intense. Nicki attended the BET Awards last night in Los Angeles with bright orange tresses. We've come to expect outrageous colors from Nicki, but M.I.A. — that girl threw us for a loop. She performed at the Vice & Intel Creators Project party in New York on Saturday with a totally different hair color than her typical plain black look. In fact, she rocked THREE different hues: Blue bangs, a red chunk in the middle, and yellow at the tips and ends. It was a rainbow of primary colors that looked rad as hell (not that we would ever try it ourselves). And let's not forget Katy Perry's now-epic blue wig from the 2010 MTV Movie Awards and her California Gurls single cover. This is the cheeriest beauty trend we've seen in a while. It's not every summer you see rainbows sprouting from people's heads.

+ Who rocks colorful hair the best — Rainbow M.I.A., Orange Nicki, or Blue Katy?