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Future And Blac Chyna's ‘Rich $ex’ Video Is One Giant Make-Out Sesh

And the vid's getting mixed reactions.

Future and Blac Chyna might not be dating, but they’re definitely making out all over this new “Rich $ex” music video.

The twosome made news last month when Chyna appeared to get a Future tattoo on her hand. Hendrix soon shut those romance rumors all the way down to zero percent when he declared himself “single and focused on what makes me happy” via Twitter.

But even if he is single, Feutch and B.C. teamed up for an all-out make-out sesh in the music video for “Rich $ex,” a cut off the MC’s DS2 LP.

  • There's a lot of this.
  • And some of this.
  • Like, a lot of this.
  • And yep...Even this.

The vid's definitely got people talking. Here are just some of the Twitter reviews:

Watch the full make-out sesh video below.