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Blue Ivy's Continuing Her Music Career With A Huge New Album Appearance

B.I.C. blessed Coldplay with a feature.

Blue Ivy had a hit before she turned 1. In fact, as a newborn, she became the "youngest person ever to appear on a Billboard chart" after her guest vocals blessed her dad Jay Z's "Glory." Now, she's taking her career to new heights with a guest spot on Coldplay's new LP A Head Full Of Dreams.

"Everyone who got asked to sing on our album has an important part in our lives," Chris Martin told The Wall Street Journal, before explaining how the B.I.C. collab came to be. "We recorded Blue Ivy Carter in New York when her mom Beyoncé was in the studio."

Queen Bey also appears on the album. Interestingly enough, her guest spot was partly inspired by Flo Rida and Lil Jon.

"The original kernel was that I was listening to Flo Rida or something, and I thought, it’s such a shame that Coldplay could never have one of those late-night club songs, like 'Turn Down for What,'" he explained. "What would we call it if we had one? I thought I’d like to have a song called 'Drinks on Me' where you sit on the side of a club and buy everyone drinks because you’re so f—ing cool.

"I was chuckling about that, when this melody came -- 'drinks on me, drinks on me' -- then the rest of the song came out," he continued. "I presented it to the rest of the band and they said, 'We love this song, but there’s no way you can sing drinks on me.' So that changed into 'drink from me' and the idea of having an angelic person in your life. Then that turned into asking Beyoncé to sing on it."

After reading about Blue and Bey's appearances on this LP, you gotta wonder where Hov's feature is. A "Beach Chair" follow-up would've been dope.

In any case, A Head Full Of Dreams is set to be released on Jigga's birthday, Dec. 4.