This Is Not Okay: [SPOILER] Just Died On 'Finding Carter'

We're more shocked than when Max took that bullet.

RIP, buddy.

After a super-emotional death last season (you're still in our hearts, Kyle), the "Finding Carter" crew lost yet another comrade during tonight's episode: Bird's brand-new boyfriend Seth.

The timing was especially crushing: Everyone's favorite party girl and her main man had just announced that their careers were on the upswing -- along with their relationship.

"Seth got a residency as a DJ in New York, and we're going to move there for the summer," she gleefully announced to her pals.

But that was only half the news: Bird, in turn, had landed an art gallery internship in Chelsea. "Now we're both going to be living our dreams," she said.

"Together," Seth added, leaning down and kissing her.

But those dreams were shattered soon after the duo arrived at Carter and Jared's latest party -- one that was decidedly different from their previous ones. Gone were the days of the duo's illegal guerilla raves -- instead, they'd rented out an empty church and were finally going legit. Among the other changes: tight security that was keeping a watchful eye on the crowd.

"They took my flask," Damon complained.

"They found my molly too," Seth told Bird.

Her response: "We'll find some."

And apparently, they did -- surely definitely probably with the help of Ben. Oh yeah, about that: Carter's newfound bro had been selling drugs at those parties all along. Oh, and get this: Jared was forcing him to do it.


Well, yeah. In one of the series' biggest "holy s--t!" moments yet, Jared had approached Ben and told him it was time to restart their apparent drug operation.

"Vacation's over," he said. "It's time to get back to work."

When Ben refused, saying he was "never cool" with the racket, Jared became crazy-dude irate. "What makes you think you have a choice?" he asked.

But Ben wouldn't budge -- until later, when he realized he needed cash to help out his sister Olivia. Caving to Jared's demands, he showed up at the church-held rave and promptly began dealing -- until Carter spotted his misdoings and threw him the hell out.

But the damage, apparently, was already done: Moments later, a hysterical Bird raced through the crowd to find Carter.

"Something's wrong with Seth," she cried.

Finding the DJ convulsing on the floor, Jared began CPR, but it was too late.

"He's dead," the Magic Hour owner announced as Seth lay on the floor lifeless -- with. his. eyes. open. (Most disturbing death ever.)

If that wasn't bad enough, Jared then decided to cover up the devastating event.

"We've got to get him out of here," he told Carter. "He obviously OD'd. If the paramedics find him in here, the cops are going to be all over us."

Horrified, Carter refused to partake in the plan, leaving Jared to drag Seth's body outside himself. It gets worse: When cops arrived, he told them his already concocted lie: "I came outside for a smoke, and I found him here," he said. And when an officer asked if he knew the deceased, Jared callously replied, "No."

Now that's cold, right? And Jared is turning out to be a major d-bag lowlife, RIGHT? Those aren't our only questions for you: Do you think Ben was definitely tied to Seth's death? Will Carter finally start to see Jared for what he really is and kick him to the curb? And can Jared possibly get any shadier? Head to the comments and start talking "FC," then be sure to tune in next week’s episode on Tuesday at 10/9c!