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If You Don't Feel Something Watching This Pixar-Esque Spanish Lottery Ad, You Have An Icy, Icy Heart

The ending is the most touching thing ever.

The holiday season is an emotional minefield, with seasonal feels attacking you from all corners. This time, the biggest heartwarming wallop comes all the way from Spain.

Every year since 1812, the Spanish lottery (Loterías y Apuestas del Estado) holds a special drawing right before Christmas that the whole country can participate in.

To advertise the drawing this year, ad agency Leo Burnett created one of the best animated mini-movies ever starring a lone security guard named Justino who works in a mannequin factory. It's like a Pixar and Disney movie squished into a short burst of holiday joy, y'all. ??

"Because [Justino] works the night shift, he never sees his coworkers but ironically spends his nights surrounded by human figures," the Spanish caption under the video reads.

Justin playfully communicates with his colleagues on the morning shift through the factory's mannequins in the most clever of ways -- and at the end of the short, it's that playfulness that pays off in a huge way. ?

Watch the full ad below. (And, like, watch the whole thing, it's literally the cutest thing in the universe.)

Loterías y Apuestas del Estado went ~all out~ for this ad, even creating an actual Facebook page for the mannequin factory with posts about their design. We've already liked the page. ???

H/T Cosmopolitan.com