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Watch A Makeup Guru Turn Men Into Flawless Disney Princesses

They're ~totally~ gorgeous.

It's a long-held -- and very incorrect -- assertion that only little girls dream of becoming princesses like Belle and Tiana. BuzzFeed had the genius idea to find five male volunteers and turn them into Disney princesses and as you'll see in the clip below, boys can enjoy a little magical makeover, too.

Tapping beauty guru and YouTube personality Kandee Johnson to do the job, all the men first get their eyebrows glued down -- a drag makeup effect that makes it easier to make bushy brows disappear under foundation.

After they get their Disney BrowsTM drawn on and the rest of their makeup applied, the guys get into costume and are all pretty shocked (understatement) at how good they look. I mean:

That's a pretty great princess Jasmine, y'all.

Watch the full video below, and see fellas get transformed into Ariel, Snow White and more.