'Are You The One?' Finale: Which Perfect Match Shocked You The Most?

Some of tonight's pairs were a bit surprising, to say the least.

Call it the greatest comeback in sports history the history of ever.

We were, to put it mildly, FLOORED when the ninth and 10th beams lit up during tonight's "Are You The One?" season finale. What in the...?! This crew goes from three beams to 10 practically overnight with the help of a few red solo cups? (Or, in the words of Austin, "heartegy" — hearts and strategy combined.) Apparently, that's all it takes. Well done, guys and gals!

Nevertheless, more than a few pairings were slightly surprising, to say the least. Chonnor? Obviously. Zak and Kayla? We can definitely see those Italian stallions working out. Hannah & Hunter? Hey, she hits all of the physical qualities on the Southerner's lust list! Devin & Rashida? A faaar better match than our dear Diki.

But c'mon... chill Chuck and New Yorker Melanie? That threw us for a loop. Nelson and Stacey? A bit of an odd one. And while Amanda and Alec seemed to be feelin' it toward the end, we have a hard time seeing the freckled firecracker with the Pennsylvania native.

What about you — which couple shocked you the most? And which duo stands a chance at everlasting love? Comment with your thoughts, and check back here for updates on "AYTO" SEASON 4! (We. Can't. Wait.)

  • Connor & Chelsey
  • Zak & Kayla
  • Chuck & Melanie
  • Tyler & Cheyenne
  • Hunter & Hannah
  • Austin & Britni
  • Nelson & Stacey
  • Alec & Amanda
  • Devin & Rashida
  • Mike & Kiki