'Scream Queens': Chanel Kills Again

She might not be the Red Devil killer, but she's got new blood on her hands.

When "Scream Queens" first started, we were looking for the Red Devil killer. As in one killer. Then that turned into two. Then Gigi (Nasim Pedrad) joined in with a Justice Scalia mask, and there were three ... But really, the list of who hasn't slayed someone on the Wallace University campus might be easier. Because between Dean Munsch taking out her husband and framing his mistress and Chanel (Emma Roberts) taking out her in-house rival Hester a.k.a. No. 6 a.k.a. Neckbrace (Leah Michelle) -- more on that later -- there are killers galore all over campus.

Minus one now, that is.

  • Boone's a ghost

    Boone (Nick Jonas) made a rather triumphant campus comeback when he retooled his image as Joaquin Phoenix in disguise so he could beef up at the gym and hang around the courtyard with everyone else. But then he runs into someone he knows, Chanel No. 3 (Billie Lourd) -- why are there still so many lingering here, BTW? This place is supposed to be a ghost town (see what we did there?) -- and she thinks he must be a ghost. Seriously, a ghost.

    And then everyone starts thinking that, including Chad who dismisses the warmth of his embrace as ghost myths gone wrong, and the local detective who brings in a sketch artist and a paranormal investigator instead of doing any real police work.

    The only people who aren't convinced of his otherworldly status are Zayday (Keke Palmer) and Grace (Skyler Samuels). Boone borrows a "date shirt" from Chad to try and woo Zayday into getting with him -- turns out, he's not gay -- by turning her shirt compliment into this amazingly bad pick-up line: "You know what it’s made out of? Boyfriend material."

    It doesn't work, though, and Zayday and Grace try to restrain Boone and turn him in. He ends up falling through the window he climbed in through and somehow doesn't break his neck in the process. Moments later, Zayday's actual boyf Earl Grey gets knifed in the KKT lawn. [Frowny face emoji.]

  • All the meta scary stories

    Mama Denise's coping mechanism for fear is to scare herself about other things with ghost stories. Even if it's at the most inopportune time EVER, like when she's just almost been killed.

    After telling the tale of the Japanese Kappa -- a toilet-dwelling demon that's "just waiting for you to sit yo ass on the toilet" so it can drown you in sewer sludge -- and a second story about the Red Cloak, Denise finds herself trapped in a stall by the Red Devil. And when she gets away, she needs to hear a ghost story before she can even attempt to deal with trying to handle that "ridiculously dramatic staircase."

    This is when Hester -- who's weirdly enjoying all the spookiness of the moment -- begins her campaign of creepiness and tells the story of the hook-handed killer, about a girl whose car is run off the road by a maniacally honking truck driver who, it turns out, is just trying to save her from the loon in the backseat of her own car.

    This same exact thing ends up happening to Chanel No. 5 (Abigail Breslin), but that girl might as well actually be a ghost 'cause literally no one cares about her unless they need something from her. Ouch.

  • Neckbrace +1??

    Hester has to bring the neckbrace back into rotation because, ya know, it's medically necessary and all, but that's not why Chad Radwell doesn't want to bring her home for Thanksgiving. He's got a whole list of the why nots that includes that one time she pooted in front of him, the fact that she has cheeseburger breath, and she's not rich. He even taunts her with, "Just so we’re clear, I only caught this kiss so I could throw it away."

    But then she drops the bomb that she's pregnant with his lovechild and suddenly she's the big girl on campus. Needless to say, Chanel is NOT happy about this.

  • Boone actually bites it

    For a minute there, it seemed like Gigi was going to be the one getting the intrakiller axe, based on the way Boone talked to the as-yet-unmasked other Red Devil, but it turns out SHE (his sister, the bathtub baby!!) has more loyalty to Gigi than even Gigi expected, and when the tension starts to mount in their little lair of lethargy there, sister dearest turns the knife on Boone.

    "Your commitment to revenge is clearly greater than your brother’s was," she tells her.

  • Is Chanel a killer?

    Um, yeah. Again. You might've forgotten about Mrs. Bean or given Chanel the benefit of the doubt that she didn't actually mean to fry her face off, but that did happen. And when she decides to push Hester down the stairs -- even after she's confessed that she isn't actually pregnant but that she's going to capitalize on Chad's invitation to his family's coveted Thanksgiving anyway -- she doesn't hesitate to execute. She even whipped out one of her signature moments of sensitivity to coax her sister into coming close enough to take the plunge (will that neckbrace save her? Doubtful).

    But if you were expecting even an ounce of remorse out of KKT's head bitch, then you've been watching the wrong show.

    "I realize that my killing Neckbrace might seem like a bridge too far, but trust me when I say this had to happen," she tells her rapidly reducing squad. "What I just did will become a new ghost story -- a cautionary tale about what happens to hog-face bitches who try to steal hotter Kappas' boyfriends. A story that'll be told around the campfire by Kappa pledges for centuries to come." "OK," they agree blithely.