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Busta Rhymes' Gym Altercation Video Has Been Released

The video shows Busta's heated argument with a gym employee.

Busta Rhymes was arrested for allegedly throwing a protein drink at a gym employee back in August. Today, a video of the incident was released.

The clip, which can be seen below, shows Busta and the employee in a heated conversation, though it's unclear what's being said. At one point, objects are thrown, a monitor is knocked over and the counter is cleared.

Busta Rhymes reportedly agreed to anger management classes after pleading guilty to 2nd degree harassment. As a result, the MC avoided jail time. In a recent interview, Bussa Bus addressed the incident, though this was before this video was released.

"I think the situation with that was really about something simply being blown out of proportion and yes, primarily, it was about disrespect,” he told Billboard. "The situation was blown out of proportion tremendously by the police, the press and by the individual that alleged what they alleged. It was obvious that these were allegations that were not accurate. If they were accurate, the second-degree felony that I was charged with would not have been reduced to a violation, which is not even a criminal charge, and only a fine for $420 dollars, so I think that the results of the situation and the facts speak for themselves.

"I’m glad it’s over and behind me,” he continued. "At the end of the day, it wasn’t a big deal in the first place. The fact that it came to this point was a waste of a bunch of people’s time and energy but that’s the one thing I love about the truth. It’s undisputed, regardless what people say or do. I’m actually in a place where I can look back at it and laugh and focus on my phenomenal 'Busta Rhymes & Friends’ event. I’m just trying to keep the momentum of this amazing blessing and show the world that hard work, being stand-up and being true to yourself and your people and to what you supposed to represent, knowing right and wrong, really, really takes you across that finish line when you can laugh and jump around with your hands high, face held up, chest poked out, feeling victorious and feeling rightly deserving of it."