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Is This The Last 'Hunger Games' Selfie Ever?


At Monday (Nov. 16) night's L.A. premiere for "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2," the fourth and final stand for The Girl On Fire, Katniss Everdeen, the District 12 OGs came together for a "THG" cast selfie to end all cast selfies -- in the figurative and literal sense.

Elizabeth Banks posted this image of herself with Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and Woody Harrelson and captioned, "#Squad selfie from last night. Can't believe we started this journey together five years ago! D'aww, look at those smiles..."

D'aww is absolutely right, and in fact we've kinda been getting consistent feels from all the cast's pics throughout this film tour because they've been off-the-charts adorable.

  • Like this one of Willow Shields and J.Law being sisterly and stuff in L.A.

    Tears are going to happen, guys.

  • And Liam and Elizabeth were just gorgeous in Berlin.

    His hair kinda looks like mahogany, too.

  • And Elizabeth and Julianne spent some time being hilarious together.
  • So, Liz and Jen followed it up by also being a hoot.
  • Heyyyy Jena Malone.
  • Liam, J.Law, Hutch and Elizabeth united at the Berlin "Mockingjay" prem.
  • ALMOST the whole squad made it into Sam Claflin's pic at the London premiere.

    Sam Claflin later posted an angle that got Josh Hutcherson and director Francis Lawrence in there, too.

  • And the trio shared a behind-the-scenes smile in the dressing room.
  • And then had some silly times with Conan O'Brien.

We. are. going. to. miss. this. SO. MUCH.

In other sob-worthy news, author Suzanne Collins paid a final tribute to the films as well, thanking director Francis Lawrence for making the final three installments "amazing" and giving a nod to the lady in the center of everything: Jennifer Lawrence.

"Jennifer Lawrence, your emotional depth, luminous presence, and sheer power carry this story and I will always be grateful to you for opening the door and allowing it to come into your life," Collins wrote.

She also gave props to the rest of the cast, saying that she'd change not a single one of them and thanking them "for volunteering for the Games and inhabiting these characters with such texture, color, humor and pain."