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Selena Gomez's Party Trick Will Gross You Out

Also her favorite thing about Taylor Swift is ?.

Selena Gomez has a rather ick-status secret talent that we (mercifully) hadn't heard of before now. But now that we have, we're starting to wonder if she and "The Hunger Games" star-slash-spit-bubbler Josh Hutcherson ever had a gross-off session during filming for "In Dubious Battle."

In a video interview with Capital FM, Selena revealed that her party trick is the ability to spit gum straight up in the air and then catch it back in her mouth. (And here you thought it was impressive when people can catch little shrimp bits at the Hibachi restaurant.)

Selena also chatted about her pal Taylor Swift -- who may or may not be the bestie who she got that date tattoo in celebration of -- and revealed her favorite thing about the 1989 singer.

"My favorite thing about Taylor is her strength," said Selena. "She has the ability to be in any sort of room. Her presence is very strong. You can tell that she wears her heart on her sleeve, but she’s also really strong."