Essena O'Neill / Vimeo

The Model Who Quit Social Media Reveals How Instagram Twisted Her Sense Of Body Image

Essena O'Neill explains the unhealthy way she maintained her 'inspiring' body.

The media blitz continues for the model who kicked social media to the curb. However, even though model Essena O’Neill is around much more often nowadays after she famously quit Instagram, what she has to say now is actually worth listening to.

In her latest video, O’Neill talks about her obsession with achieving the perfect body and how she used to skip meals and set extremely unhealthy goals for herself -- all because of the fitness models on Instagram and elsewhere that she aspired to look like.

"I was happy when I looked like the girls that I admired when I was younger," O'Neill says in the video. "Everyone told me how much of an inspiration I was and how much they looked up to me as a fitness inspiration. It's very heartbreaking to think that maybe young girls would've done the same that I did to people before me."

As much as you might think O'Neill needs to perhaps not only take a break from social media but the internet itself for a while (maybe an early winter break?), she does has some valuable insights into the true image of a person many young girls wanted to be, for a time.

Watch the full video below.