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We Finally Have Proof The 'Jurassic Park' Dino Supervisor Actually Did His One Job

Sorry, Phil Tippett.

In 1993, a myriad of innocent people lost their lives because one man refused to do his job. He was never put on trial for their wrongful deaths, but the internet has condemned him for 22 years. Phil Tippett had one job, ONE JOB, for the movie "Jurassic Park." He was the "Dinosaur Supervisor," but if you've seen the film, dinosaurs were clearly not supervised very well.

Director Colin Trevorrow decided to give Tippett another shot, bringing him on "Jurassic World" as the dinosaur consultant, according to IMDb. If you're one of the millions of people who saw the summer's blockbuster hit, guess who didn't do his job — again?

Most people never get a second chance to redeem themselves and right their wrongs from the past. Tippett was the exception, and he blew it. He blew it BIG time. I'm really not sure how he sleeps at night, knowing families are still grieving for their loved ones who never made it off the island. Their blood is on your hands, Phil. Your. Hands. And what do you have to say for yourself? An apology? Nope. You told us we just "didn't understand." We understand people died, Phil.

When "Jurassic World" came out, knowing you messed up once again, you still did not provide us with an apology for your wrongdoing and ineptitude. You just gave us an excuse. An excuse, Phil.

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To be fair, these were the terrified children we were fighting for, Phil. We heard their screams, watched them run frantically in fear for their lives and assumed you were ultimately responsible. We were standing up for our children, defending our own. Due to this new information, however, we sincerely regret our hasty judgment towards you. Please forgive us, Phil.


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