Cate Cameron/The CW

23 Times Joe West Was So Smooth He Gave Us The CC Jitters

We would open up a restaurant in Santa Fe with Joe West any time.

We love "The Flash" for so, so many reasons -- like star Grant Gustin's amazing chemistry with everything that moves, for example, and its fight scenes, and Cisco Ramon's hilarious one-liners. (There's a whole lot of greatness happening Tuesday nights on The CW, gang.)

But if we're being perfectly honest, if we ever were transported to Central City "Pleasantville"-style and had the chance to kick back and enjoy a cold one with only one member of Barry Allen's squad, it would be Joe West, hands down. Jesse L. Martin has slowly but surely become a powerhouse pinch-hitter for this show, offering up everything from sardonic wit to emotional monologues to touching moments with both Gustin and his onscreen daughter, Candace Patton. And he can sing, too!

Here's why Joe West -- and Jesse L. Martin IRL, if we're being honest -- is so dang smooth he gives us the CC Jitters:

  1. When he knew the cure for whatever ails you is a bit of 'za.
  2. (And a cold one, of course.)
  3. When Cisco tried to explain the mulitverse and he was confused AF but just went with it.
  4. When Dr. Wells did his Doc Brown impression and it was awkward AF, but Joe kept his cool as best he could anyways.

    Cool is what Joe does best, after all.

  5. When he perfected the art of the cool kid car-lean.

    It's trickier than it looks.

  6. When he knew what those dang kids were up to.

    Your flirting isn't as subtle as you think it is, Barry.

  7. When he made single parenting look easy for multiple decades.

    And he raised a smart, kind, and successful daughter to boot. Way to go, Joe.

  8. When he took in a grieving foster kid and turned his life around.

    Uh, how has this man remained single for this long?!

  9. When he made a heartbreaking decision to keep his daughter safe.

    You might not agree with him, but you have to admit that he did it entirely for Iris' own good.

  10. When he threw Barry a kickin' party.

    Instead of being ~jealous~ that Barry's OG father figure -- AKA his actual father -- was back in his life, Joe threw them all a pretty lit bash. Because he's great like that.

  11. When he kept Cisco Ramon in line.

    It takes skill to dash the hopes and dreams of our favorite tech geek in Central City while remaining likable.

  12. When the world kept presenting him with impossible situations, and he just accepted it, moved right on, and figured out what needed to be done next.
  13. ... Most notably, when he had to search the sewers for a supernatural gorilla.
  14. ... And then when he found him, he kept his chill and concocted a genius plan.


  15. When he knew when it was time to put the super-stuff aside and focus on what truly mattered.

    Superhero problems don't exist when there are presents to open.

  16. When he gave Captain Cold the best "bitch, please" grin of all time.
  17. When his adopted son was in love with his actual daughter and he just laughed and was totally chill with it.
  18. ... And even dispensed some crucial advice when it became necessary.

    That had to have been awkward.

  19. When that same adopted son broke his heart...
  20. ... And Joe forgave him, patiently and completely.

    TEARS. We're crying them.

  21. When his smile melted the hearts of every man, woman and child from Central City to Star City and back again.
  22. ... And his laugh. Can't forget the laugh!
  23. And finally, when he was the only one who could talk some sense into Barry.

    Time and time and time again, Joe is the only one who truly knows how to get through to Barry. Joe West forever.