NASA Had The Best Response To A Little Boy Who Had A Super-Urgent Rocket Question

3...2...1... Answer.

It's never too early to get a jump on your first job. Just ask the budding grade school reporter who was profiled this weekend on the Humans of New York Facebook page.

He just wanted to be like his dad, who is a reporter, and if he had a chance to ask the Director of NASA one thing, he said it would be this: "I'd ask him about his rockets. And if any of them were going to space."

Okay, for real, this is what his ridiculously cute HONY pic looked like.

It's gotten more than 313,000 likes to date, including one from... wait for it... an official from NASA! Who totally answered his question.

"We *are* going to launch a new rocket into space!," the official wrote. "We're developing NASA's Space Launch System to be the world's most powerful rocket and launch NASA's Orion Spacecraft into deep space, first to lunar orbits then eventually farther on the journey to Mars."