Imagining The Upcoming 'Awkward' Time Jump...Times Fifty

The year 2065? Still pretty awkward.

When new episodes of "Awkward" drop in 2016, our beloved Palos Hills graduates will jump forward one year from that fateful summer (a sneak peek of the upcoming action can be seen below). But what if, instead, the MTV series showcased the teens from being seniors in high school to just being senior – citizens?

It'll be a long time before we see Jenna and Tamara rolling around nursing homes, chasing dates and taking selfies with their grandkids, but can you imagine how fabulous Sadie will be when it comes time to retire to Florida? We can.

Here's how we picture the golden years of our favorite Titan alumni, complete with all the gray hair and wrinkles that come after decades of DTR-ing:

Let us know what you think Jenna and company will be up to in the future -- and keep checking MTV News for updates about upcoming episodes of "Awkward" in 2016!