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Halsey Already Has The Concept For Her Second Album, And It’s Out Of This World

Could Halsey be turning into a jazz artist?

In the past few months, Halsey has gone from an up-and-coming artist to a singer on everyone's radar.

She impressed music fans and critics with her conceptual electro-pop album, Badlands, and was recently introduced to a whole new mainstream audience courtesy of her "The Feeling" collaboration with Justin Bieber.

With so much momentum, don't expect Halsey to be slowing down anytime soon. The "New Americana" singer has been thinking about her follow-up to her debut (which just came out this past August) and has confirmed to MTV News that it will be another conceptual effort.

"It started in Room 93 with the EP and moved to Badlands with the album kind of taking you to the world that existed outside the 93, and so my plans for the second record is to take you to the universe outside of the Badlands, so widening the zoom on everything little by little as the records go on," she told us recently. "I still have more to say, more to explain, especially since the whole concept of Badlands is me escaping the Badlands, so I think there is more to the story."

She continued, "About what happens when I go and where I end up and what that means for me and what that feels like, sonically compared to the really dark and raw landscape that was Badlands."

With the concept nailed down, the MTV Artist To Watch admits she's been working on new music, but you won't find it on her next album. The singer, who is about to wrap up the U.S. leg of her Badlands tour, said that she has an "uncontrollable urge" to write music all the time, but those songs "aren't necessarily right for me," which is why she will be releasing it "in some capacity in the next year."

"Any new music is not for the second album. I have plans to put out some content in the next year that's unrelated to the next record, just 'cause I want to put out some stuff that shows off a different side of musicality for me," she said. "Maybe something in a different genre, like it could be urban, it could be jazz. I want to show off my musicality."