Ja Rule's Thanksgiving Feast Included A Side Dish Of Sabotage

See how a simple bake-off turned ugly on the latest episode of 'Follow the Rules.'

Thanksgiving at Ja Rule's house can turn from family love to cutthroat competition pretty quickly -- because, unfortunately, not everybody knows how to "Follow the Rules."

On tonight's episode, grandmas Deb and Jean were roped into a bake-off judged by their grandkids with the promise of a $500 cash prize from Ja. Though the two were initially reluctant to head to the kitchen, Grandma Deb eventually began whipping up an apple pie, while Jean created a banana cream confection.

“You feelin’ nervous? Cause you know I’m gonna win," Deb taunted her competitor. And frankly, Jean would have had every reason to be jittery: Turns out, Grandma Deb had sabotaged her pie. All together now: Happy Thanksgiving!

So how exactly did Deb try to undermine Jean, and did her plan work? Rather than spoil all the deliciousness, check out the clip below and see for yourself:

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