Why Is Joe Jonas Taking This Cardboard Adam Levine Hostage?

DNCE keeps kidnapping cardboard celebrities across the country.

No radio station is safe when DNCE comes to visit.

While touring the country on their sold-out "Greatest Tour Ever Tour", the band has been stealing, collecting, and requesting a super random and oddly specific souvenir...

Joe Jonas, JinJoo Lee, Cole Whittle and Jack Lawless have been running away from radio stations and press appearances with life-size cardboard cutouts of celebrities, and now it's becoming part of their tour and live set.

"The first city we were in, we walked into the radio station and we were doing some film stuff for them and they had a Lady Gaga cardboard cutout in the corner. Cole toured with her for years, I’ve known her, my brothers and I were on her first 'TRL' performance, so we have good memories there and we were like, 'We need a mascot,' and the radio station just gave it to us. So she’s surviving the entire tour," Joe Jonas told MTV News on the orange carpet at the 2015 Nickelodeon HALOAwards.

"We probably have collected about 10 and six have survived. There’s been a couple casualties," Jonas explained, "They like to crowd surf. The fans at shows like to take them home... The arms, heads, whatever they can get. Kids are actually bringing them to the shows now so we encourage it. We got Edward Cullen last night."

If anyone is in possession of Shaquille O'Neal, DNCE is actively searching for him and will gladly take him off of your hands.

Check out who they have collected so far:

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