Sean Lennon, Beastie Boy Yauch To Appear At Tibet Rally

Goals for the rally include pressing for negotiations between China and Tibet.

Organizers of the political rally set to follow this year's Tibetan Freedom

Concert are promising that the demonstration will feature "several surprise

performances" by artists taking part in the massive music fest.

The Day Of Action For Tibet, featuring appearances by Beastie Boy Adam

Yauch, singer Sean Lennon and several members of Congress, is scheduled to


place in Washington, D.C., on June 15, the day after the weekend-long Tibetan

Freedom Concert concludes.

"This is our chance to take the whole Tibet movement to the backyards of

the people who need to hear it most," said Josh Schrie, direct action

coordinator for the Milarepa Fund, which organizes the yearly concert.

"We've done concerts in San Francisco and New York, and now we're in D.C.

This is the chance to get solid political action going, and we're going to

be out there making some noise, screaming and shouting."

Chief among the goals for the Day Of Action is urging President Clinton to

press for negotiations between China and Tibet when he visits China in

June, Schrie said. Demonstrators will also call for the release of

political prisoners in Tibet, which was invaded by China in 1949.

Clinton's trip marks the first time an American president has visited China

since the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989.

Although Schrie would not elaborate on which artists from the Tibetan

Freedom Concert would perform at the rally, he did confirm that Yauch and

Lennon will be speaking at the event, as will Congressional supporters,

actor and activist Richard Gere, former political prisoner Palden Gyatso,

former Sierra Club President Adam Werbach and National Association of Letter

Carriers (AFL-CIO) Vice President Linda Chavez-Thompson.

Among the artists performing at the concert, held June 13 and 14 at R.F.K.

Stadium in Washington, D.C., are the Beastie Boys, Beck, Pearl Jam, R.E.M.,

The Verve, Pulp, Dave Matthews, the Wallflowers, Patti Smith, A Tribe Called

Quest and Sonic Youth.