The Lox Detail Album Plans And Give Credit To Beyonce

(Swizz Beatz and Khaled make progress on The LOX album)

The LOX paid a visit to New York City's Hot 97 radio station on Thursday morning (December 26) to chat about their new EP, upcoming album and being inspired by Beyonce's sudden music drop, before getting into a debate about the state of New York hip-hop. Listen below.

"In this business, timing is everything," Jada explained about dropping their new Trinity EP last week. "Your gut feeling is important and taking chances is always great. It's like a gamble. Big shout-out to Beyoncé, she paved the way on a bigger scale, before it got exhausted from a hood level, a street perspective standpoint, we were able to do the same thing and capitalize. We ain't do it because she did it, but - she made it better for us. She made it better."

"We actually was going to release a few songs for the holidays, few songs, few freestyles," Styles P added. "We were just going to drop it. We knew nothing of what she was doing and then she dropped it and that added the iTunes into it."

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