Lil Wayne And Justin Bieber Want Alien Love On 'Backpack'


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne want that intergalactic love. On their new track "Backpack," from Biebs' just-released Journals album, the two woo a girl from a far off place. "They’re gonna try to take away the secrets of your planet's life / I know you must be upset, you lost your family in a wreck / But you gotta listen," Justin sings.

Weezy, who once proclaimed, "We are not the same, I am a Martian," raps on the track about his "out of this world swag." "Greetings. I fell from the sky...Yeah. I'm an alien," he spits. "My swag is out of this world...When I die, they're gonna name this planet after me: Wayne's World."

Journals features a slew of big names in addition to Wayne from Big Sean and Diplo on "Memphis" to R. Kelly on "PYD," Chance the Rapper on "Confident" and Future on "What's Hatnin.'" The project was initially set for a December 16 release but Biebs took to Twitter to share that he delayed it, so he could bang out another track. "BIG NEWS!!! Wrote another smash this week! Want you to have it! Making it a Christmas gift and moving #journals to the 23rd! So...."