Skillz Raps Up 2013 Year In Sports For ESPN

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Missed what happened with your favorite sports team this year? Rapper Skillz breaks down who won and who made headlines in his "The Year in Sports 2013" freestyle for ESPN.

In it, the rapper talks about the 2013 Super Bowl black-out in New Orleans, Kobe Bryant's injury and shouted out Jay Z's Roc Nation Sports agency. Skillz also references the Boston Celtics breaking up (Damn Rondo!) as well as the "Catfish" scandal with football player Manti Te'o.

Skillz, known for his 1996 From Where??? album, has made a career out of these rap-ups. Since 2002, he's used bars to summarize the year in review, both entertaining and perfect for the person who lived under a rock all year long. In last year's version, the rapper surprisingly spit that he was done with his synopsis flows. "I’m wrapping up these ‘Rap Ups’ ya’ll, it’s been 10 years/ I’m gracefully gon’ bow out, but still write them hits,” he raps. 2012's "Rap Up" was featured on Skillz's most recent album Thoughts Become Things.

As long as there's something to rap about, it seems that Skillz will keep wrapping them up for us.