50 Cent Prepping New Project For January Release

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No word on when, or if, we'll ever receive 50 Cent's Street King Immortal album, but according to Huffington Post (via Miss Info) Fif is planning on releasing a different project in January.

He didn't spill too many details, only saying that it wouldn't be a mixtape, but also not quite an album...So it looks like we should just stay tuned for news on the project, which he says "inspired in a whole other direction."

Apparently his musical tastes are ever expanding. "I'm not just into hip-hop, and really, hip-hop is the genre that pulls from all other genres. I appreciate the people who perform differently," he said. "I remember hearing Ariana Grande for the first time and thinking, 'Look at this shit!' I've seen a lot of people create their music right in front of me, and I love hearing their live recordings and then seeing how it changes through different plug-ins and the whole recording process."