Sorry Kanye, Sway Does Have The Answers


By now you've probably seen the clip of Kanye West going absolutely berserk during a recent appearance on Shade 45's "Sway in the Morning," (or at least you've see one of the many memes reminding Sway that "You Don't Got The Answers"), and during Wednesday's (December 4) episode of "RapFix Live" Mr. Calloway finally addressed the now infamous interview.

"It seemed to be public demand that I respond to an interview that I just did with Kanye West a week ago that blew up on the Internet, and I decided to respond here on 'RapFix,' " Sway said as he opened the show. "I turned down a lot of other interviews, but today we're going to set the record straight. For the record, I love Kanye West; that's my little brother."

Sway made light of the situation by revealing his brand new line of t-shirts that which hilariously read "I GOT THE ANSWERS." Buy your own shirt at Sway's Universe and watch Sway talk about his Kanye interview in the video below.