Chief Keef Tweets Out Soulja Boy's Phone Number?

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By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The beef between Chief Keef and Soulja Boy continues to play out on Twitter. Earlier this week, the "I Don't Like" rapper tweeted a mysterious phone number out that seemed to belong to Soulja Boy.

"Call Houlja Hoe Ass (240) 447-6760," he shared with his 800,000 plus followers. Keef claimed the number didn't belong to the "Crank Dat" rapper stating, "Duh I know Dat Ain't goofy dude number I was Only Sayin Dat Cuz it's A Stalkin Ass producer Mf Call my phone 24/7" but the sentiment stands as the latest milestone in the rappers' ongoing issues with each other.

Earlier this year, Keef sent out another number he claimed belonged to Soulja Boy on Twitter. "(404) 713-7387 Call Me And Holja Boy At This Number ????” before adding, “In London Ttu ???? New Number Dm if You Want It.” Soulja Boy wasn't quiet either and threatened Keef's life on Facebook but quickly recanted, stating that his account was mysteriously hacked.

The tension seems to stem from Soulja’s run-in with Keef’s GBE affiliate Ballout earlier this year. Keef’s homie claimed that he’d stolen Soulja Boy’s chain, tweeting, "N L.A. Pushin On N---as Jus Too This N---a @souljaboy Chain Des N---as Fak As Sh-t I B Takin Sh-t #300sh--"

The saga continues.