Tupac Predicts His Future In 1994 Interview

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

A previously unreleased Tupac Shakur interview has been unearthed and brings the deceased rapper back to life with the power of animation. PBS shares a 1994 sit down between Pac and reporter Benjamin Svetkey in Hollywood for Entertainment Weekly, where he talks candidly about life and death, in addition to race issues.

"I feel like a tragic hero in a Shakespeare play," he says of his life, adding, "I believe that God wants me to do something."

When asked where he pictured himself being in 15 years, he gave this chilling answer, just two years before his shooting death: "Worst case...sprinkled in ashes, smoked up by homies," he responded. "Best case, multimillionaire, owning all of this s---."

Pac also blasts the media for making him "the bad guy" and says that he was "crushed" when then Vice President Dan Quayle condemned his music. Despite being touted as a role mode, Pac assured that he's just "being who I am in the record."