What Rappers Are Lady Gaga Listening To These Days?

2013 American Music Awards - Show

By Elijah Watson

When pop queen Lady Gaga isn't performing with the Muppets, or being the Marilyn Monroe to R. Kelly's John F. Kennedy, she enjoys listening to music. Her latest obsession? Chief Keef. This past weekend Gaga posted a video of herself smoking a cigarette and doing her makeup, with Keef's "3Hunna" playing in the background. Prior to that at the American Music Awards she told reporters that she's been "listening to a lot of Chief Keef." It makes sense considering that both artists are signed to Interscope Records, and both have a knack for being polarizing entertainers. So, what other current rappers might Lady Gaga listen to? We'll take a few guesses.

Drake: Like most people in the world Lady Gaga probably finds solace in Drake's music. After a long day of press, rehearsals and other business matters, it wouldn't be surprising to see Gaga basking in a large bubble bath while "305 To My City" is playing. "We did it we did it," Gaga whispers to herself as she descends into the pool water.

Pusha T: Pusha's brashness, attitude and confidence is what makes him such a great rapper. (Plus the fact that he, well, can rap.) One could imagine Gaga warming up five minutes before a sold out show somewhere overseas, jogging in place to Pusha's "King Push." When you're performing to thousands of people across the world each night, you've got to make each crowd feel like you've got them in the palm of your hand. What better way to do this than with a playlist full of Pusha T?

Riff Raff: To be honest it's somewhat surprising that these two haven't worked together yet. They're distinctive in their respective fields, and wear clothing perfect for a neon, Andy Warhol-inspired utopia. Gaga probably admires Raff's appreciation for the surreal, and is probably creating the perfect banger to feature him on at this very moment.

Lil B: He's essentially the godfather of weirdo Internet rap, and still makes time to be one of the most positive human beings in the world. Lady Gaga herself is seen as a role model by her fans, and how can we forget that video of when Gaga gave One Direction a pep talk at this year's VMAs? Lady Gaga listening to Lil B wouldn't be too surprising, especially considering that her "Cake" song is basically a based freestyle. (That was probably ghost written by Lil B himself.)

Juicy J: Because who doesn't like Juicy J?