Teen Fan Pens A$AP Rocky An Awesome Letter

A$AP Rocky Opens Rihanna's "Diamonds" World Tour - New York, NY

By Sean Lynch

A middle-school student attempting to contact A$AP Rocky, ended up sending his letter for the artist to the Mishka store in NYC, this according to Vice. The letter was an attempt to gain more info on Rocky as well as a possible CD from the Harlem rapper. The student Graceson Reeves, wrote to the A$AP Mob leader, expressing how big of a fan he is of the rapper and his Skrillex collaboration, “Wild For The Night.”

Graceson had expected the letter to go to Rocky except, it landed in the hands of Ray The Destroyer at the Mishka offices in New York, who felt compelled enough to share the letter on his Instagram page.

“My name is Graceson. I love writting and listening to music. My favirote song in the world is wild for the night. I relly wish you would send me your CD because I have looked for it but I cant find it. So that would be greatly apprisheated,” writes the young teen.

Spelling and grammar mistakes aside, Graceson makes an attempt to learn more about his favorite artist. Even going as far as to state the facts he knows already. “I know your song F!@#$%& Problems went gold. I know [you’re] 25 years old. I know you use to move [a lot]. I know you use to sell drugs. I know your [labels] are RCA Sony and Polo Grounds. I also know you were arrested for beating a man in a clothing store.” Graceson most likely was referencing Rocky’s NYC scuffle in June of 2012.

No word on whether or not A$AP Rocky caught wind of the little guy's request but this letter actually shows just how much young fans are aware of their idol’s lives.