Kanye's 'Bound 2' Video Spoofed By Seth Rogen And James Franco

Kanye West must've anticipated that his "Bound 2" video would spawn at least a few spoofs--hell, maybe the whole video was created simply to inspire spoofs (we can hope)--so we're happy to report that James Franco and Seth Rogen are some of the first celebrities to make a serious effort to show up 'Ye. Apparently, they had some downtime while filming "The Interview," and took the opportunity to reward us with their hilarious rendition of the clip.

They didn't spare any details with the wardrobe, with James Franco sporting Kanye's flannel-on-flannel look, while Rogen went almost topless as Kim Kardashian. Things get even sexier than in the original video, with a real kiss and some serious chemistry happening on that bike.  What more could you ask for? Maybe a little dutty wine.