Macklemore And Ryan Lewis Plan To Disappear For Awhile

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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have enjoyed a stellar year but the talented duo needs a break. Their manager Zach Quillen explains that the two artists plan to go on hiatus soon.

"We’re gonna disappear for a little while,” Quillen tells XXL. “This album cycle is coming to a close. We’ll I imagine go to the Grammys in January this year and afterwards, kind of call it quits for a bit and take some time off. The guys are gonna get into the studio next year and see what happens. But we’re in no rush.”

One reason for the break is so the "Thrift Shop" artists can focus on making their next album solid. “There’s no Macklemore mixtape or attempt at kind of staying around. I think we’re gonna disappear for a little while and try to make some good music and find an interesting way of putting it out. I think it’ll be a quiet year," says Quillen.

The rapper and producer have dominated the charts this year. Recently, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis scored yet another Platinum hit with "Same Love," their song about homosexuality and acceptance. Their debut album The Heist has performed extremely well and its breakout single "Thrift Shop" was certified five times Platinum this March. The follow-up "Can't Hold Us" was quoted as three times Platinum by the end of June.