Drake Celebrates Houston With New Tattoo

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By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Drake puts his love for Houston in ink...so you know it's real. Yesterday, the Toronto rapper celebrated November 18 with a brand new "H" tattoo in homage for H-Town. "November 18th H Town" he captioned under his new body art which features a shaded star.

The date holds a special place in Drake's heart. His song "November 18th" from So Far Gone is an ode to H-Town and a nod to the late DJ Screw's famous "June 27." "Yeah, one time for the homie DJ Screw/Already, I'm feeling throwed in this b----h," Drake says on the track, which has become a fan favorite.

Tattoos are still largely new to Drake and every piece of ink seems to garner attention from fans. The Houston star joins a canvas which features his most famous tattoo to date, the face of Aaliyah. Back in 2011, the rapper proclaimed his love for the fallen singer by getting her portrait on his body. He also has his hometown area code of "416" emblazoned on his side as well as his October's Very Own (OVO) crew symbol of the owl on his back.

One of his fans took his love of tattoos a bit too far when she inked his name on her forehead in 2011. Drake was not pleased. “The guy who tatted it is a f---ing asshole, though. I will tell you that," he angrily said at the time. "I don’t f--- with that guy. F--- you to that tat artist by the way, because you’re an a--hole, for real. And you should lose your job, and you shouldn’t do tattoos again. I don’t f--- with you, and if I ever see you, I’ll f--- you up.”

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