Madonna Checks Out Chance The Rapper For Herself


By Sean Lynch

Chance The Rapper’s stock continues to rise, even more so after his show on Monday night (November 18). The independent artist received a visit from none other than the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna.

Late last night Chance posted the image with a surprising caption that read, “Madonna showed up after my show in LA last night. What an eccentric and unique girl.” Yet another feather in the cap for Chance, who posed post-concert holding a Corona with Madonna by his side.

This is not the first apparent co-sign Chance has received outside of Hip-Hop. The artist has been spotted hanging with King Krule, James Blake, Miley Cyrus and Skrillex, since bursting onto the scene. Chance’s "Social Experiment Tour" stop in Los Angeles last night helped him presumably top all of those with a once in a lifetime picture opportunity. Madonna’s no stranger to picture-moments with Hip-Hop faces, throughout her 30-plus year career, she’s been photographed with the likes of Tupac Shakur, Kanye West, Big Daddy Kane and even Vanilla Ice.

Earlier this month it was announced that Chance would not be joining Eminem and Kendrick on tour in Australia next year. Instead, Chance announced during a recent "RapFix Live" appearance that he and James Blake would be moving into a "swaggy spot in L.A." A claim that James Blake didn’t exactly refute, with the exception of the bunk-bed part. "We have this collaboration that we can't just continue doing over the Internet forever so I gotta relocate. So [that might be me] moving to LA for a bit,” he told MTV News.

Chance’s Social Experiment Tour is currently running now through mid-December.