Chris Brown Goes Girl Crazy On X Files Mixtape


By Jason Brendler

Chris Brown’s new mixtape, X Files, dropped Tuesday morning (November 19), making it the first music Brown’s put out since his return from rehab last week and an appetizer for his delayed album. The mixtape cover features Brown standing in front of an “X” while wearing a strait jacket. And if this choice of attire is alluding to him being crazy about something, after listening to the mixtape, it’s pretty clear it’s not what he’s crazy about, but who he’s crazy about.

Although his on-again, off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran supported Brown and stuck by him through his rehab visit for anger management (and years of drama with Rihanna) most of the songs on “X Files” still seem to be about his ex Rih. On the first song off the tape, “War for You," he keeps repeating the line “Think it over one more time.” The second song, “Waiting," features a reference to him crying and even says “Baby, look what you do to me, girl I go crazy, and you just got me waiting.”

On“Waiting," Brown also spits “Back and forth with the games, girl you played me, this ain’t what I wanted.” His fourth song on the mixtape is “Love 2 Remember” (pretty self-explanatory). The line that ties back to the whole “going crazy” theme of the mixtape is “So sick and tired of drinking this bottle, contemplating a pill overdose, thinking this one shot will stop the pain, now I’m sleepin’ I just wanted you to love me.”

It sounds like Breezy is having a tough time with his lost love and isn’t afraid to spill it out in his music. He has a few other songs on the six-track mixtape, including a “Sweet Caroline” spin off featuring Busta Rhymes and “Fantasy” featuring Ludacris with a few throwback lines to “What’s Your Fantasy”, the lead track on Luda’s first album.

Nevertheless, “X Files” seems to be a tribute to Rihanna that’s hiding in plain sight, Who do you think Breezy is going “crazy” over?

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