StarbucksDrakeHands Guy Spits Venom On ’15 Seconds Of Fame’ Track

(The Best Of #Starbucksdrakehands)
By Emily Blake

Kendrick Lamar may want to head to the studio and record another “Control” verse because there’s a new MC in town, and judging from his just-released “15 Seconds of Fame,” he’s not one to be messed with. OK, Brody Ryan may not actually qualify as a rapper – his website boasts that trying to place him in a genre would be “unfair” and “his music is like Passion Pit meets Kid Cudi meets the Postal Service” — but if there’s one thing we gathered from the ferocious “15 Seconds,” it’s that he’s surely angry enough to be one. You may recognize his name from that whole #StarbucksDrakeHands phenomenon, in which he made a video selfie to the tune of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and sent it to Piper Kennedy.

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